Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

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October 18, 2008

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There was a scene in the play in which Professor Higgins is experimenting to see how Eliza will do around others of high society and if she can fool them. She does an excellent job of this except for a few times. Once when she refers to her aunt’s death, she asserts that Eliza’s family “done her in.”  The visitors however do not understand this phrase so Higgins quickly plays it off as being the new small talk. They believe him and think Eliza to be very up to date. The daughter even leaves saying “such bloody nonsense” believing that to be fashionable small talk as well. This was interesting because it really could have been “the new small talk”, I say lots of things that my mom doesn’t know or used a different word. For example she says going steady when I say going out.


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