Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

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October 18, 2008

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I found the title to be very interesting. It is in reference to the Greek myth. Most readers will assume that Eliza and Henry Higgins will marry after the story is over, and when you read it you want them to get together, but Shaw never clearly states that they love each other. George Bernard Shaw always got irritated when audience members that had seen the play wanted him to end it with the two main characters in love. In the original movie they actually changed the ending so that Henry and Eliza are together. However Shaw’s reaction proves that he clearly wanted them to stay separate as the ‘creator’ and the ‘creation’. Why then did he name it after a story in which the sculptor falls in love with the statue?

I wonder if it was because he wrote it so that his lover the actress could play Eliza but he did not want her to act as though she loved another on stage and possibly kiss the actor playing Higgins.


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