Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

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About the Author October 11, 2008

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George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin on July 26, 1856. His education included attendance at a private school,Wesleyan Connexional School and Dublin’s model school.  Shaw’s childhood was rather unhappy his father was an alcoholic and his mother left the family when he was young. After he completed his education, Shaw moved to London to live with his mother. He needed to learn a trade so, he apprenticed himself. In 1889, he married a wealthy woman, named Charlotte Payne-Townshed. She died shortly after the wedding. He wrote many plays but he is best known for the play, Pygmalion. He wrote the play for his very good friend,  Mrs. Patrick Campbell. His intention was to have Mrs. Campbell, a widowed actress, to act the  part of Eliza. Shaw died on November 2, 1950, in his lifetime he completed over 50 plays. Pygmalion was performed on Broadway, it was first released as a movie in 1936, the most memorable movie release was by Warner Brothers, My Fair Lady starring Audrey Hepburn as Eliza.


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